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flippytwins's Journal

Lazy Artists Support Group
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Kicking lazy artists' asses into gear since 2008!
This group was born because a group of art school friends who haven't been doing much art at all after finishing their art education decided that THAT IS MESSED UP!!! So the purpose of this group is to get us all excited about art once again!

- Anyone can join, but be aware that there may be content not suitable for kiddies, as well as things that may be considered offensive by some. This is an art community, after all. Duh.
- You may draw/paint whatever you want. Just make SOMETHING. It can be a napkin doodle or a giant wall mural.
- Deadlines are Sundays. Post your work here for us to see, it will keep everyone else motivated too.
- Adult content is allowed, but please use an lj cut in case someone is looking at this at work or in public.
- In fact, lj cuts are always appreciated when posting images. Thumbnails are great too if you wanna go through that trouble.
- That's all for now!