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Of course i said i was going to start on Monday and of course I did not.. again i started at the last minute but earlier in the day thus.. obviously this didn't take 15 min like past weeks. Um- this was going to have a whole cape and background sort of things which is why one of her arms is sorta weird because there was going to be her cape flowing in front anyways.. after i started coloring i noticed that i forgot to draw her bones on her arms. LOL She also was going to be casting a spell. I'm pretty bad at hands in general and I thought that they would look better with the right shading/color but i am pretty bad at that too. Then i just started to get frustrated as always and started to rush and cursing at myself for not starting sooner.

This is my Undead Priest on WoW - her name is Kidnie. She is in her Valentines day outfit ready to go out on a date with Madboy the Orc Warrior.


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